Pelli Chesukundam Telugu Movie

Pelli Chesukundam

Plot: Venkatesh is the son of a wealthy businessman who has many ambitions. He falls in love with Soundarya, who works as an assistant at a small company. They both meet under very unusual circumstances but fall head over heels for one another. Venkatesh's father considers their union very unnatural since Soundarya is not from money. Venkatesh's father even tries wrongfully frame her in a prostitution case to make his son back off, but Venkatesh does not let that happen. Venkatesh and Soundarya live on their own and against all odds they make it. The story of how society deems a person unfit for something that he/she hasn't done, an age old story toldn in a different way.

Starring :Venkatesh, Soundarya
Director :Muthyala Subbayya
Music Director :Koti
Language :Telugu
Year :1997

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