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Valmiki Telugu Movie


Plot: Valmiki is a classic Telugu movie. Rakshudu (N.T.Ramarao) belongs to a tribal family of thieves. He attacks a Princess named Kalyani (Lilavathi) and robs her. But Kalyani falls in love with Rakshudu and she finds him to be the man of her dreams. But Rakshudu falls in love with Tara (Rajasulochana) who is the daughter of the neighboring village chief. Kalyani keeps nagging at Rakshudu to marry her and gets very adamant. So, Rakshudu and Tara trick Kalyani into thinking that she is a murderer. When Tara and Rakshudu get married, in order to please his new wife he desecrates Goddess Lakshmi's temple to steal the jewellery. When he meets Sage Naradha, he realizes that the path he chose is wrong and the only way for him to salvage his soul is to completely devote himself to the gods. How a notorious murdering thief turns into one of the most revered sages in Indian history is the main theme of this old Telugu movie.

Starring :NTRamaRao, Rajasulochana
Director :CS Rao
Music Director :Ghantasala
Language :Telugu
Year :1963

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