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Inspector Bhavani Telugu Movie

Inspector Bhavani

Plot: Inspector Bhavani (Roopa Gangooli) is a sincere police officer whose allegiance lies only to the law. She garners respect from the people by saving a kidnapped judge from the hands of a notorious gang. She meets a retired journalist whose ambition is to cleanse the system of all corruption and offers to help her out any way he can. Bhavani wasn't always a cop, the reason for her life altering decision was the untimely death of her fiance who was an undercover CID officer. She carries with her the same passion for justice everyday. Bhavani's ultimate goal is to find the ones responsible for her fiance's death. While working on this case she stumbles upon a fact that shatters her world. She finds out that her brother is involved with the drug racketing gang that she is trying to bust. She asks for the help of a distraught cop, Vinod, whose own past involves the death of a loved one. Together with the help of the retired scribe they crack the case and finally raid the gang's hideout and kill their leader, D.R., who killed Bhavani's fiance. In the process Bhavani also forcibly kills her brother in self-defense. The movie ends with Bhavani and Vinod vanquishing the evil in their society.

Starring :Devaraju, Roopa Gangooli
Director :A. V. Seshagiri Rao
Music Director :Jagannath
Language :Telugu
Year :1997

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